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Spline paths world editor // procedural

Vendredi 2 septembre 2016

Kids are back in school and I have a few vacation days left. So perfect time for a little update of my (authored) procedural things. Goal didn’t change: think outside the box. Make something different. It being good or bad is not important. So let’s go for a bit of spam. I let things a few weeks (months?) ago with my little creatures.

Animations are the action of simple motors. The skeletons are hand authored using a simple graph editor. The gizmo is a side project and is available as MIT license .

My next goal was to use the same pipeline for building a world where all the creatures could be found. I’ve imagined various pipeline. Fully procedural or not. I didn’t find the perfect fit (actually I don’t really know what I want). So, let’s start small: a simple block editing.

Then a simple map editor: a tile instance with a matrix.

Navigation/collision didn’t take long to figure out: Recast/detour! I generate the geometry and create the navmesh from the soup. I constraint each entity to that navmesh. Done! (it’s the purple transparent mesh)

The rendering is really rough right now. It’s only flat lighted boxes with an outline for the characters.

What went wrong? (and still is btw) a lot of thing! My editor and the path generator are tedious. I need to improve the overall quality. There are few improvements I want for the gizmo too.

The box path rendering is sloowwwww. I need to cache it as a geometry. Maybe add more parameters and use a MIDI device.

That’s all for today!