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One less player

Mercredi 3 août 2011 à 2:38

As an introductory note to this article, it’s been almost four months since my first post. As expected, I started something and didn’t keep going. No matter, here’s a follow up now.

This is kind of an open letter I also posted on the Riot boards. As Nofrag has a League of Legends player base, I thought I’d post it here too. After all, it allows me to shamelessly update my blog.

Yes, it’s in English. Apologies to those who don’t speak it, or like it. The original post was written in English, I wasn’t going to translate it. Besides, I did point out in my now fossilized first post that this would be an English blog.

See you in, er, a long time.

This topic is a post containing my parting thoughts. I’ve decided to quit League of Legends for a number of reasons. I’ve been around for a bit more than two years, played through the US beta, and then came to the European servers to play with friends.

This isn’t a whine thread, although the tone will be negative. LoL is a game I loved. Sadly, I’m not leaving happy or content.

Two years ago, I started playing, and was full of hope. The game felt fresh to me, as I didn’t have much DotA experience. Heroes of Newerth was more popular back then, but I decided I liked League a bit better, and stuck with it. Two years later, I feel quite bitter. And no, I’m not leaving to play HoN.

-So many promises. Magma Chamber, a map that you just decided to scrap, as announced so casually, and stealthily. “Oh you know, it’s scrapped. That sort of stuff happens, no biggie”. No new features. Replays? Spectator mode, shown and unreleased. No, the only thing the players get are uninspiring new heroes and skins. Great. 80 heroes and counting, think we’ll have enough anytime soon? Not as long as the cash keeps flowing, I expect.

-Ever increasing price points. Outright lying about this one. There were price points set, and you had said you would honor them. You did, for a time. Nowadays, it’s just 6300 everywhere. Just how greedy can you get, Riot? Don’t give me this “the game is free” garbage. The game is free for some cheapskates because other people, that believe in the game, decide to support it. That makes supporting the game a whole lot more expensive than for any regular game, but we’ll get to that later.

-Server stability. This may be forgotten by most, thanks to the split. I personally won’t forget the unbelievable arrogance displayed by bragging about getting 200k viewers on your stream at DreamHack, while your European Servers were down. Over a month. Endless queues. And you just tell people to be patient. Great service, right there. Do you really think a handful of RP will make up for it? For the children not supporting the game, probably. “Hey cool, free Riot Cash”. For your paying customers, this is just a slap in the face. “Oh hey, here’s 10 bucks of your cash back, this should cover this month and a half’s server outage”. Seriously, what the fuck? Were you and your marketing team raised in some half sunken trailer in the bayou? You want to make a gesture, create a skin for the occasion, run some event or something. Some guy gives you fifty bucks for the month to support you, and you just toss him ten back to cover server outage? Jesus Christ, how cheap can you get?

-Where are the server transfers? Unless I’m not up to date, they still haven’t shown up. “Just around the corner”. Five days later, we still haven’t reached the corner. This isn’t being slow, it’s stagnating. The funny thing is, I’m not even concerned by the server change, as my friends and I are on the server we should be on. Yet I still find your level of service infuriating. Gosh, I wonder how the affected people must feel. Not having the server transfers available at the time of an important transition such as the server split is just another show of incompetence. You sever people from their friends, and even make mistakes in localization. When people complain about it, all they get is “Oh, it’s coming soon”. Soon isn’t good enough, Riot. You’re not Blizzard. You don’t have their pedigree, you don’t have their production quality, and you certainly don’t have their talent. You’ve made that much obvious. Soon isn’t going to cut it. Not with the scraps you’re releasing.

-”You’ve grown League of Legends into a massive game” - A massive dump is more like it. Simple truth: I haven’t had a good game in 2.5 weeks. The massive amount of griefers, children, trolls, is overwhelming. I tried ranked, which I never bothered to do before, to remedy to the problem. Ranked is actually worse. Carrying those teams isn’t even possible. I’m no SaintVicious anyhow. I hold my own just fine, but am no progamer. This community problem could have been avoided so easily. By just slapping a price tag on the game, and limiting each game to a single account. But no, you needed your free to play model. Lacking confidence in your game’s merits? No need to point out 70% of this community plays League of Legends because, well, a “free” game is incentive enough.

Your free to play model is best at making money, no doubt. It’s also the worst for your customers. The amount of uneducated, rude, and plain stupid people you’ve attracted is tainting the community beyond repair. Your Tribunal won’t fix it. Heck, it’s not even up. A “Brief” recess for maintenance? Just because Blizzard’s take on semantics is dodgy doesn’t mean you can, or should do the same. Stop using inaccurate terms. The sheer greed you’re demonstrating through design decisions, business model and champion balance, making a cookie cutter out of everything, is amazing. But hey, it’s a free game, right?

I rarely regret buying a game, but I do regret investing in League of Legends. I know I won’t be missed. I myself will miss what the game was two years ago. It could have amounted to much and more.

Wishing Riot well would be hypocrisy. I sincerely hope that this kind of practice does not work out. I hope people will eventually figure out that this kind of business model doesn’t benefit them. If it does work, the video game industry is about to go from bad to worse. Bobby Koticks of the world, unite. League of Legends and Modern Warfare are your messiahs.

Caution: English mostly

Samedi 9 avril 2011 à 20:15

Histoire d’être paradoxal, ce premier post sera en Français. Oui, la plupart des articles qui suivront, au gré de mon imagination et de mes envies, seront en anglais.

De l’anglais sur Nofrag, supair. Bah oui. J’aime écrire en anglais, davantage qu’en français. Pourquoi me priver ?

-Parce qu’ici on est francophones, et francophiles.

Je ne suis ici pas pour chercher du lecteur, mais pour disposer d’un espace où mettre mon bordel, accessible à tous, et avec la possibilité de commenter si désiré. Si des gens aiment lire mes inepties, tant mieux!

Etant membre de Nofrag depuis quelques années déjà (et ne postant jamais), ne fréquentant pas vraiment d’autres blogosphères, je tape l’incruste ici.

Malheureusement les jackys de la CSS devront aller trouver leur bonheur ailleurs. J’y connais strictement rien, et pour l’instant, je ne vais pas m’y attarder. Un jour, qui sait. Je n’y connais d’ailleurs rien à Wordpress non plus, se pourrait que ça déconne complètement. On verra.

Au niveau des commentaires, je suis pas ici pour dicter la langue qu’on utilise. Les articles sont en anglais, et si besoin, je répondrais dans les commentaires en français ou en anglais. Je ne me gènerais pas pour virer les commentaires jugés, ô combien subjectivement, inadéquats. Je ne suis pas un grammar nazi, mais si un post est vraiment trop immonde, il sera détruit.

Comme dit plus haut, les articles n’auront pas de thème particulier. Tout dépend de ce qui me passe par la tête au moment d’écrire. Alors oui, on est sur un site de jeux vidéo, et de FPS plus particulièrement. Il y aura sûrement, à un moment ou un autre, un article là dessus. Mais faut pas trop compter dessus non plus.

Comme dirait la voix, c’est tout, pour le moment. \o/

Prochain article dans 2 jours, 2 mois, ou 2 ans.