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Hoy! Public release

Avant propos à l’attention de mes lecteurs francophones : exceptionnellement, ce présent billet sera en anglais car destiné à diffusion plus large. En fait, j’aimerais faire de ce billet une page de projet entretenue avec les futures mises à jour de Hoy!


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What is Hoy!?

Hoy! is a free Kinect game for Windows. The game presents you stances that you have to mimic and validate by shouting “Hoy!”

This game has been originally developed during the Global Game Jam 2012 in about 2 hours. The game prototype has now been extended to a full blown demo. Hoy! is intended to be an example of what you can get out of the Kinect SDK with just a few lines of code. It is not intended to be a widely available game, just a gameplay/tech demo. This may evolve upon feedback and time.

This page is being rewritten

We recently had the opportunity to continue Hoy! development and make it a full featured game. Downloads of the prototype are therefore suspended until the future of Hoy! is sorted out.


Credits go to:

  • Thomas “MrHelmut” Altenburger : game design and code
  • Laurence “Hellgy” Vagner : graphics design

Hoy! rights are held by MrHelmut.

Redistribution: game redistribution is not allowed outside of this webpage.

Commercial use: no commercial use is permitted.


Feel free to contact MrHelmut:


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