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AiroMap 1.6.2
Wifi Mapping for Pocket PC based on PeekPocket
-Precise GPS Mapping algorithm (handle variable precision and loss of position datas)
-Export to popular formats like OziExplorer, Google Earth, Garmin/Magellan/Navigon, Kismet CSV, TomTom 6
-Save/Load/Merge multiple sessions, using Airomap Log format
-Open/WEP/WPA detection
-colors provides intuitive reading of encryption and strength
-no more hidden network on map: slightly autoshift identical positions
-audio signal if open networks are detected on your path
-signal graph available for any network
-GPSID: no need to specifie COM port and you can use other GPSID applications simultaneously
-as small as 360KB !
AiroMap test in Paris / AiroMap test in London / AiroMap test at 180 miles per hour

[Download AiroMap 1.6.2 for Windows Mobile 5/6]

Change Log:

1.6.2 03/03/2008
-add: autosave every minute
-fix: Kismet export

1.6.1 26/02/2008
-fix: Kismet export

1.6.0 24/02/2008
-add: TomTom 6 .ov2 export
-add: Kismet CSV export
-add: autosave last session
-fix: ESSID export
-fix: load/merge active state

1.5.2 28/12/2007
-fix: load function

1.5.1 21/12/2007
-fix: scan update

1.5.0 19/12/2007
-first release

AiroWay 0.62
WEP cracking script for Linux - use aircrack suite
-Crack most WEP networks in 3 minutes with as few as 4/5 keyboard keys…
-Now included in WifiWay and WifiSlax Live CD !
-REMEMBER: if you don’t have authorizations from networks owners, cracking is illegal !

[Download AiroWay 0.62]

Changelog 0.62:
-Less CPU usage

Changelog 0.61:
-Simultaneous chopchop and fragmentation attacks
-Removed “keep alive” in association attack, which caused trouble with arp replay
-Every command can now be started with one key only, no need to confirm with [enter] (except while entering a MAC)
-Shared key authentification
-Some other bugs fixed